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Ecopia Plc (Business & Entrepreneurs, 2013)

Ecopia Plc is a private limited holding company in the organic goods sector, developing organic food products, cosmetics and natural medicine which was established in 2007. In a nutshell, ecopia stands for Ecological Products of Ethiopia.


The company aims to contribute to poverty eradication in rural Ethiopia through the processing and marketing of organic and natural products which create value for both producers at the base of the economic pyramid in Ethiopia and the world. Over 90% of the company’s food and beverages are processed by Ethiopian organic farmers. To date the company has trained over 400 farmers to enable them process their own products.

Ecopia’s social responsibility has been very active in developing the GO-GREEN Africa Fair and which entails a large presence with workshops, lectures and demonstrations of its work. A real stepping stone to help Ethiopia develop in an environmentally sustainable manner.

As one of its upcoming innovations, ecopia is building a mobile-based web processing system that will link about two million Ethiopian farmers to the company. ecopia will also launch a consulting and investment arm to the company, working in business and product development, sales, marketing, distribution and technical assistance. The company has till date designed, processed and marketed 54 products of organic farmers by integrating simple techniques of food processing, management and sales services. A real impact on local economies, whgich supports traditional Ecological farming methods more profitable.

Under the management of Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus- Matschie, who is the CEO; ecopia contributed in the global organic food market growth by 12.4% in 2010 to reach a value of $59,341.2 million. In 2015 the global organic food market was forecasted to have a value of $88,069.3 million; an increase of 48.4 % since 2010.

Ecopia products can be found in supermarkets and hotels across Ethiopia and will soon be expanding to the international markets.