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Beatrice Onyegbule-Onyele (Journalists, 2013)

Beatrice Onyegbule-Onyele was born in Calabar/ Nigeria. She is a qualified Nurse and Midwife in Nigeria. She furthered her education as a Registered Midwife in Liverpool/England, during which time she sat for and acquired four GCE Certificates in Biology; Human Biology, German and English Languages as external candidate of London University and Joint Matriculation Board of England and Wales.


In 1994-1996 she qualified as a Hospital Administrator at Berufsfortbildungswerk (Bfw) Frankfurt/Main Germany.

In 2004, she founded “KABIK”- Kinder Afrikas Begegnen Ihrer Kulture – a monthly gathering of Children of African descent in Frankfurt. She has been a member of the church Committee of Evangelische Oster Kirche (now Maria-Magdalena-Gemeinde) in Frankfurt/Main –Sachsenhausen since 1990.

Amongst her several articles, is the new book on Post-Colonial 20th Century Nigeria: CHIKWE.

Chikwe is the premature youngest son of a village chief Akubundu. His mother dies following his birth. His father marries consequently Chikwe´s aunt Ikeke shortly afterwards. Chikwe survives, enjoys a sound education and becomes a renowned teacher. Under the motto: “Hard but warm” he pushes his students on towards becoming successful individuals and academicians. His pedagogic method latter earns him the respect of the Ministry of Education.

Years later, his incessant dream of crowning his educational career overseas – the desire of African elites of his time –would captivate him! Chikwe made it finally to Germany where the mishap took from then on its course.

She lives in Frankfurt am Main with her family.