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Pictures of the "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" are available now in our Gallery!
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Past Winners

SISTER FA (Entertainer, 2012)

Fatou Mandiang Diatta, known as Sister Fa, was born in Dakar, Senegal. At the age of nineteen she was invited for the first time to perform at the Senegalese Hip-Hop Awards where the best Hip-Hop singers were decorated.


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Neema International e.V. (Civil Society/NGOs, 2012)

Neema International e.V. is an initiative of young Kenyans who are studying and/ or working in Europe. It was founded in March 2011, with the intention to give back to society as the founders feel blessed and humbled remembering where they came from.


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Altis Biologics (Business & Entrepreneurs, 2012)

Altis Biologics is a regenerative medicine development company focused on developing, and bringing to market, new biomaterials and regenerative biological products, with a particular emphasis on orthopaedic and dental tissue regeneration. The company’s product candidates are based on proprietary platform technologies that combine specific growth factors with novel scaffolds formulated for local applications.


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Kachi A. Ozumba (Authors, 2012)

Kachi A. Ozumba is a Nigerian-born novelist and short story writer. He studied at the University of Ibadan, University of Leeds, and Newcastle University where he gained a PhD in Literature/Creative Writing in 2011 as an Overseas Research Scholar.


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Elisabeth Moeller (Social Activists, 2011)

Mrs. Elizabeth Nkansah Agyekum Moeller is a Ghanaian based in Germany. She is a trained nurse and a social worker. She is the brainchild of the idea to set up a hospital to cater specially for children in Ghana.

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Agbenyega Attiogbe-Redlich (Entertainer, 2011)

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