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Pictures of the "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" are available now in our Gallery!
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Past Winners

African Loft Media (Society Magazine, 2008)

African Loft is a community portal for the global African and Afro centric audience. This is a watering-
hole for the indigenes, descendants, and friends of Africa worldwide.

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The African Bulletin (News and Politics, 2008)

The African Bulletin (TAB) is published by Media Blackberry. Started in the Netherlands in August 2002 and in Spain in July 2006 as the foremost African oriented newspaper in Europe in terms of reach and readership. An objective and balanced newspaper for the reading pleasure of Africans and non-Africans.

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AYACSA e.V. (Civil Society/NGO, 2008)

AYACSA aims to help persons with migration background improve their work and life situation through education and integration programs.

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Fuco (Business & Entrepreneurs, 2008)

Fuco Internationale Spedition was established in May 1997. The company distinguishes itself through consistent customer-oriented thinking and acting.

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China Keitetsi (Author, 2008)

Ms. China Keitetsi’s written works bear heavily on her personal experiences as a child soldier in Uganda; during the civil conflict which
ended in the emergence of Yowere Museveni as the country’s new leader.

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Tola Sholana (Entertainer, 2007)

Tola Sholana is a Nigerian who started his music career at age eight. A time when he was a member of an African gospel choir in Lagos. At age Seventeen he was already taking part in recordings at the Afrodisia studios.

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