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Pictures of the "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" are available now in our Gallery!
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Past Winners

Brotherskeepers (Entertainer, 2007)

In 2001 Adé Bantu made waves in Germany both on the musical and political front with Brothers Keepers. This is a collective of Afro-German hiphop and soul artists that he brought together as one voice to issue an uncompromising statement against racism.

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LoNam Magazine (News and Politics, 2007)

Lo´Nam is the only German-African monthly magazine. The name Lo´Nam means “sunrise” and “hope” in the Bamiliké language - one of the over 5000 languages spoken in Africa.

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Dominique Abrokwa (Legal, 2007)

Dominique Abrokwa was born in Ghana. After his primary and grammar school education in Hamburg, he furthered his education at the Universität Hamburg, with special emphasis on: media law, proprietary rights, and TC-law.

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AFFORD (Civil Society, 2007)

The African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) was founded as a United Kingdom registered charity in 1994 by a group of Africans in the UK. This was in response to concerns, that despite the vast number of Africans in the UK who organized themselves and contributed to Africa's development, Africans were effectively marginalized from mainstream development activity directed towards Africa.

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Richie Okorie (Business and Entrepreneurs, 2007)

Richie Okorie is a Nigerian born German and the Managing director of
Sorol Marketing & Logistics GmbH in Germany.

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André Ekama (Author, 2007)

André Ekama comes from Lolodorf in Cameroon. A name derived from German colonial times. He holds a degree in mathematics and business administration, and has been involved in several cultural activities. His writings began as a result of his affection and passion for poetry. He is now working on his second novel. His debut, “Being black in the white skies” was published by Lumen in May 2007.

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