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Pictures of the "AYF ADLER Awards 2014" are available now in our Gallery!
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Past Winners

Niasony Okomo (Entertainers, 2013)

She is pretty, talented, energetic and ambitious and has an angelic voice. Not afraid to try new things and try her luck in an unfamiliar ground where many took their chances but failed.

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Afro-European e.V. (Civil Society/NGOs, 2013)

One World One Future! 'Afro-European e.V.' is a politically, religiously, ideologically and economically independent non-profit organization..

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Ecopia Plc (Business & Entrepreneurs, 2013)

Ecopia Plc is a private limited holding company in the organic goods sector, developing organic food products, cosmetics and natural medicine which was established in 2007. In a nutshell, ecopia stands for Ecological Products of Ethiopia.

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Samson Kambalu (Authors, 2013)

Samson Kambalu is a Malawi-born author who trained as a fine artist and ethnomusicologist at the University of Malawi's Chancellor College.

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IMIC e.V. (Social Activists, 2012)

Created in 2010, IMIC is a charitable association which with an aim to support its members and people in Hamburg with different origin through the integration process for a better mutual understanding in the society.


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KETEKE productions (Producers & Promoters, 2012)

Keteke - The twi expression for locomotive or powerhouse best brings to the point what Düsseldorf based "Keteke Productions" is well known for.


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