African Youth Foundation

Welcome back... the new African Youth Foundation!

The African Youth Foundation (AYF) is back and is looking for alternative solutions!

Since it was founded in 2000, there have been massive changes in socioculture in Europe, but our mother Africa has also developed in various areas. A new generation of people with an African connection has emerged who want and are able to control their own identity and their own fate independently.

The global crises of the past two decades have clearly shown all of us how vulnerable civilizations are to sudden changes in circumstances. The latest COVID-19 pandemic shows more clearly than any other that Western solutions do not automatically work in other societies – or even in their own – and that there must be individual, society-specific solutions.

It is therefore time to give a new generation of young people the opportunity to develop their own alternative solutions for African people. In 2021 we want to set the starting point for a self-determined, modern African diaspora in Europe.

The world and our diaspora have changed, so have we!

A new generation, a new motto!

In order to give the new direction of the organization a name, we are changing the motto.
What we’ve done so far is..

“Guiding the Youth to Become Controllers of their Own Destinies”

which now becomes

“Next Generation African Youth – Alternative Solutions”

New responsibility, new leadership!

In the last annual meeting the board voted the honorable Dr. Paulyn Jansen as President of the African Youth Foundation.

Leonard Jansen as the new Executive Director.

New (?) Topics, new solutions!

The topics of the past 20 years that have been dealt with by AYF are more topical than ever. In fact, we still see today that people in the diaspora as well as people from Africa themselves hardly find the recognition they deserve, are treated unequally and thereby lose the self-confidence to believe in themselves and their abilities and opportunities. This still particularly affects young Africans. For this reason we still see the need to offer young Africans a platform with our association, BUT the way we want to solve our problems should change!

-But how?

The so-called Generation Z is the first who has been able to grow up with the Internet, computers, smartphones and the highest level of education since childhood. The possibilities to network, to create sustainable solutions and to use new business fields are easier than ever. If we combine new technologies with sustainable concepts from committed, smart people, outstanding projects result. Just a few dedicated, prudent, young Africans can make a big difference!

“Nobody has to be subdued to a culture or be confused with the values of others. We can rather work together to define our own worth and show mutual respect against each other.”

Leonard Jansen, Executive Director