African Youth Foundation


The African Youth Foundation (AYF) is a non-profit development organization based in Bonn, Germany. AYF was established in 2000 to aid young African people in the Diaspora and in Africa, as well as Europeans with African descent, to undertake projects which will enable them obtain skills necessary for their future livelihoods.

Education of young people has been one of the main goals since the association was founded. Values such as gender equality, equal treatment of people of different origins and respectful interaction are fundamental for the effectiveness of our work and successful communication with one another.

The Organisation specialises in training business and entrepreneurial skills through the help of Local Business Institutions. AYF promotes self awareness, researches development conditions in African countries, analyses favourable conditions for development and participation of the youth in a full social and secured life.

Registergericht Bonn
Registernummer VR 7704
Umsatzsteuer-IdNr.: 205/5758/1344

Policy declaration

AYF is under no obligation to any government, political or religious organisation.

Private persons as well as institutions that wish to support the project are welcome to do so. These persons would be invited to express their opinions regarding the project, but AYF retains independence when deciding which advice to adopt.

The reports on AYF ‘s projects will be available to local government institutions and universities.