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“The Golden European Cage for African Diasporas”

by Dr. Paulyn Jansen

This book focuses on the plight of the African Diasporas in western countries as a result of the democratic and financial turmoil of African countries. 

The book is arranged in forty chapters adapted from the analytical framework elaborated in our African Diaspora turmoil, to the survival of the African Diasporas, who are wrongly accused of losing their roots and adhering to western lifestyles.

“The Democratic Affairs of African Countries: Insights and Evidence”

by Dr. Paulyn Jansen

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“The Democratic Affairs of African Countries”
Insights and Evidence
Paulyn Jansen

No book has to date been produced with such an insight to the subject and incorporating experiences of African and Western governments, which the author has to offer. The book contains 96pp; ISBN 3-9809267-0-2

This book focuses on the democratic turmoil of African countries. It is arranged in four parts with the first part on the different types of democracy, the second on the International community and African governments, the third on human rights violations in Africa and the fourth on the painful truth of African democracy.