African Youth Foundation


The membership includes: (see also the statutes of the “Afrikanische Jugendhilfe e.V.” §3, (1))

  • private individuals;
  • organisations / associations:
    • funding organisations;
    • development agencies;
    • local development education centres;
    • subject and professional associations;
    • media organisations;
    • local education authorities and teachers centres;
    • youth organisations;
    • trade unions and adult education organisations;
    • universities and colleges.

There are several levels of participation, see also the list below.
As a full member, one receives all statutory rights and obligations.

Disclaimer: “Honorary Follower” and “Donator” are not regarded as members within the meaning of §3 of the statutes.

Honorary Follower

free of charge


A donation receipt can be issued on request (based on §10b Income Tax Law of the Federal Republic of Germany).

Full Membership

EUR 75,- / year (Standard)
EUR 50,- / year (Students)
EUR 30,- / year (Minors)